LTC Integrity Corporate Compliance Solutions


In addition to our software program, ARC 4.1, LTC Integrity also provides compliance and QAPI consulting services.  Although ARC 4.1 was specifically designed so that it can be used easily and effectively by a nursing facility’s own internal auditors, we also provide a complete program management package using our LTC Integrity auditors.  Under this package, our consultants audit your facility at defined intervals and guide the facility’s ongoing corrective action process, thereby significantly strengthening the facility’s compliance program through independent outside evaluation and consultation.  In addition to providing additional protection and peace of mind, our complete program management package is a comprehensive outsourcing solution that reduces labor costs and allows companies to focus their executive management time on managing as opposed to auditing.

Our Complete Program Management Package Includes:

  • All Basic Program Subscription Services to ARC 4.1
  • Committee Meeting Facilitation by LTC Integrity Auditors
  • Total Program Administration

We Also Provide the Following Additional Consulting Services:

  • Mega Rule Baseline Audits (to identify systemic areas in need of training and improvement)
  • Compliance Hotline Maintenance
  • Issue-Specific Investigations, Consulting & Training on an As-Requested Basis